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What a coincidence!
« on: 13.09. 2010 10:54 »
I've been busy asking questions relating to the restoration of my road rocket and thought that I'd share what I think is a pretty amazing coincidence. I purchased a "rolling basket case" from a local dealer who imports a lot of bikes from the US, the engine and frame numbers were both 1955 road rocket according to Bacons book. It didn't take long to discover that the engine had mismatched cases, late crank, super rocket head, 357 cam, crank spun freely but cam was tight. Attempt number one involved new cam bush and timing bush but wasn't quite right. Attempt number two involved a new timing bush and line boring, the machinist rang before he finished to tell me that the crank would be 10 thou off center if lined up exactly. At this stage I was still waiting for the BSA club to get back to me with the factory despatch records. I knew the dealer had another set of 55 cases that I had seen there previously and talked myself into buying them in case the first set didn't work out. The first set came back and everything spun freely but there was extra clearance between the timing gears which I figured that I would put up with. A couple of days later I get a phone call from the BSA club, non matching numbers, bugger I said, might as well use the spare cases now. Can you guess where this is heading? Rang the club back and asked if he recorded the correct engine number for my frame which he had, gave him the new one and you guessed it, they were the matching cases. Even more amazing is the dealer bought the original bike and the spare cases from two different people! Restoration now progressing nicely .
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Re: What a coincidence!
« Reply #1 on: 13.09. 2010 14:08 »
Lucky bugga, what are the chances of that?
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