Author Topic: BSA A10 parts? (crash bars)  (Read 3078 times)

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BSA A10 parts? (crash bars)
« on: 07.11. 2007 16:53 »
Hi everybody!

My brother have a -60 BSA A10. And this bike has been a Police bike so there was safety bars (or crash bars?) on it. It was two of them.
Have any of you some ideas where he can find some new/used safety bars for his A10? I keep looking out on e-bay, but no luck yet.
He also need a brake pedal for the same bike.

I own a -60 BSA A7, do anybody of you know what battery to put in it. It`s rebuild to 12 v.

Regards from Norway!

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Re: BSA A10 parts?
« Reply #1 on: 07.11. 2007 22:58 »
C and D autos in UK are a good source for your needs. Go to
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Re: BSA A10 parts? (crash bars)
« Reply #2 on: 08.11. 2007 20:32 »
Welcome to the forum. If a source for crash bars is found, let us know, I might be wanting some for my plunger.

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Re: BSA A10 parts? (crash bars)
« Reply #3 on: 08.11. 2007 21:38 »

I have been lucky...

I have a front crash bar on my A10 made from Stainless steel, probably not made by BSA but its identical to those that were.

The front crash bars seem to come up quite often on eBay but NOT the rear ones. I am lucky to have recently won some original rear ones and waiting for them to arrive.

I do have some rear ones on the A10 now that were made by Britax, they are Universals and Okay if your not carrying a Pillion rider who has long legs! I might be selling them when the proper ones arrive.

The front bars may well go on either of the Swinging arm, Plunger or the rigids. But Rear crash bars are likely to be difficult locating for all three models.

Hope this helps.
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