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Original bike
« on: 23.10. 2010 22:30 »
Guys,at what point do we say it's a replica.if it's rebuilt with mostly repro parts but frame and motor an most major are original.if it's a SR trying to be a RGS.What if it's all small Heath parts from different machines but all the same model and year ?.

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Re: Original bike
« Reply #1 on: 24.10. 2010 00:41 »
Hi Taff,boy that's a can of worms,  not many original bikes around and if you find one it would probably want some re pro parts so is it then original .Looks!, like there is one on e bay now £3450 someone thinks its worth it good luck to them.Personally I don't care I admire an original looking bike and one that someone has made their own.As to (At what point do we call It a replica ) surely its a rebuilt original with re pro parts
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Re: Original bike
« Reply #2 on: 24.10. 2010 23:41 »
Bit of a can of worms,
but in the case of RGS, in my view if it's got the GA10 frame & correct eng No. for the year,
then I reckon it's a RGS. If you have access to fact. records & it matches up, even better.
Everyone has there thing, some want totally original & some don't care, as long as it looks
& runs well. I think it's going to be interesting down the track when allot of the older generation
who used to ride these bikes in their youth & now have a few bucks to restore or buy part of their
youth, start passing away, there's not many of the younger generation showing a huge interest
in antique bikes. Not trying to be a gloom & doomer, but I think in another 20 years or so, what
some of these classic bikes are worth on paper & what you can get for them, might be a different
story. "Who Knows", but there's definatly a bit of a change of guard when it comes to classic bike

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Re: Original bike
« Reply #3 on: 25.10. 2010 00:52 »
Not trying to be a gloom & doomer, but I think in another 20 years or so, what
some of these classic bikes are worth on paper & what you can get for them, might be a different
story. "Who Knows", but there's definatly a bit of a change of guard when it comes to classic bike

Very true Cus,
A few of my friends having spent years restoring 1920's and 30's Chevs have recently switched to younger Corvettes and the like after having a lot of trouble selling their pride and joy, seems the price was the least of their worries, finding an interested party to negotiate with was the biggest hurdle!
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Re: Original bike
« Reply #4 on: 25.10. 2010 09:46 »
Hi Taffy,

I think that at the very least an "Original" bike should have the same engine and frame that it left the factory with.

Next, It should look the same as when it left the factory...with all the correct tinware.  I wouldn't be bothered if some of the tinware has been replaced with pattern parts, but I would be concerned if original tin mudguards had been replaced with fibreglass replicas.

Then it should have the correct hubs and rims.  Not necessarily original ones but certainly not a mis-match of those from different years.  For example, I wouldn't expect to see a 1960 A10GF with Ariel hubs from an earlier model, or even with one Ariel hub or a single sided front brake from the '55 era.

I suppose that other things to consider are handlebars and fittings, transfers and other minor items that can be very easily brought back to original using the pattern parts mentioned earlier.

Now then, at the point of being accused a rivet counter, this I am not.  I'm simply putting forward my view on the subject.  However, I would expect a show bike to be basically correct.

Nearly all of my BSA's are bitzas and have been built or modified with a particular purpose in mind but to the man in the street they appear to be basically genuine.  As I do a great deal of camping orientated touring I have some with high bars, pannier equipment, twin leading shoe brakes, belt drive dynamo's etc. and use them as intended.

Ok Taffy, these are my thoughts and I would welcome the views of other forum members on this subject.



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Re: Original bike
« Reply #5 on: 25.10. 2010 11:00 »
I would expect at the larger major shows a bike should be as near to factory shipping as possible, clean and polished.
For all other events put your bike in for judging being aware of the kind of show it is, for example
Brunton - near me,  a steam and vintage rally, bikes judged by John Reynolds uncle I believe, can't argue with his choice ( my two mates got best in show and best in class) - the judge likes authentic and realistic for age
Peebles - the public fill in a voting slip in the back of the program, one vote for each class, the public are 99% bikers so it's not a case of the prettiest bike, although marque loyalty comes into play.
Glendale - nearer to me, another vintage tractor rally with four classes, tractors, bikes, cars, commercial, with the cup going to each class in turn yearly and last years winner picks this years winner.
of those I prefer Peebles, just more fun
My bike is often very shiny, but also often very grotty ( farming country, lots of cattle, mud and other stuff to protect the tarmacadam  *smile*) but it gets ridden, gets fettled and gets polished, all very therapeutic ( well apart from that bottom maggie nut)
End of the day though, it,s your choice
All the best - Bill
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