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New find
« on: 05.12. 2010 21:14 »
I know it's not exactly A7 & A10 related but I have just bought myself a 1969 Rocket 3 Mk1 which I hope to collect next weekend, weather permitting.

Just wondered if anyone else on here is similarly blessed.

Been searching the net for forums that cover this model and I have to say there isn't one that is as good as 'BSA A7 & A10', which is a bit disappointing.

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Re: New find
« Reply #1 on: 05.12. 2010 22:10 »
Hi Goldseaker,
 as a guy with to much time on his hands, I can tell you that this may be called the A7 & A10 Forum but lots of different topics are discussed. I'm sure there are forum members out there that own an R3 and can help you out with info if needed.
Good luck with the R3, I also would like to have one (the 71 model with the grey frame) but money does not permit, and probably the wife also.
 here is a link to some R3 info
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