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Timing side screw positions
« on: 26.11. 2007 18:19 »
Hi all,ok recently i have noticed i am missing a timing side screw,i know there are 3 different lengths,i have ordered a new set...can anyone explain where they are positioned..i want to make sure the previous owner has put them in the right place...cheers vincent.i know this may be hard to explain,

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Re: Timing side screw positions
« Reply #1 on: 26.11. 2007 19:47 »
Hi Vincent,

Even the parts list doesn't show you where the individual screws go.  All it says is that there are 5 of one type, 4 of another and 3 remaining.

When you get your new screws try a test run.  Put your timing cover on as a temporary fitment (with no sealant) and introduce the new screws to the holes.  You will automatically realise if the wrong screw is in the wrong hole because there will be either too much sticking out when it becomes threadbound or it will go too far in without tightening properly.  After a bit of trial and error they should all find a happy home.

As a matter of fact, when I remove either my timing side or primary screws I always get a piece of thin cardboard and put small holes in to simulate the covers.  I then place the screws through the holes so that I know exactly which screw goes where on reassembly.  Yes, it does take a bit longer but at least I know that I am not going to run into problems at a later stage.


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Re: Timing side screw positions
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Re: Timing side screw positions
« Reply #3 on: 26.11. 2007 21:35 »
Easy, 4 long around oil pump area, 3 short around generator and the rest in remaining holes.