Author Topic: Road-Rocket parts on Strange attitude from seller!  (Read 3091 times)

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Hi All.
 I was interested in some Road-Rocket parts listed on (item number 130467279235) and sent the seller some questions. the first reply I   received from 'plunger650' was not as expected!

            "thanks for your question, the crank cases match and are in very good condition, road rockets never had a large journal crank, it was not fitted     till the 1958 super rocket if you didnt know that your wasting your time asking about these parts."

The next reply to my response that in my belief A10RR did infact have the large journal crank, put me in my place!

           "its not true, why lie we all know the bigger crank and thicker barrels were fitted in 1958. please dont bid on my stuff i dont deal with idiots.

  Well, needless to say, I will not be bidding on his items, (which should keep him happy) and I'm really glad that the majority of BSA fans are not the same as this insulting a***hole.  Could someone please confirm that the Road-Rocket engine did have the large journal crank as standard.
 Best Regards,   Peter
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I'm with you Peter!

People like that don't deserve to own a BSA  *smile*  I wonder if he can explain then how my 1959 A10 wound up with a small journal A7 crank!!


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I have purchased a lot of old parts through e bay and have found most sellers to be good even very good. But as anywhere in life there are always nutters, and as you have found out, the replys tell you a lot about the seller which you will now avoid.  Happy Chritsmas.
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Should also be aware that computers are often left running and are open to mischievous fingers large and small
All the best - Bill
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            The RR had a LJ crank from at least 1956.
It was the sold billet type. Extremely heavy. The crank with the radial bolts was introduced in 1958 for all A10s.
This has been discussed here before.
I would be inclined to give him a bit of a rev up as to who is the idiot!

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The ebay listing is saying no questions have been asked on the item. Is there some way the seller can hide the questions asked. I've never sold anything on ebay so don't know. By allowing the seller to hide questions gives the opportunity to give rubbish responses like this. As with the old saying let the buyer be aware.

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Yup, the seller can decide whether a question (plus the answer accordingly) will be visible in the listing by simply clicking a check box when sending his answer.

It's no bug, it's a feature.
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It is worth remembering not to put any personal details into the question if you don't want the world to know your... telephone number.... address... name etc.
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Yes, don't call your customers idiots to their faces.

If they are idiots, tell them they're geniuses.

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What a prize t**t I would have told to stick his parts up is a*se - we are not all experts, and he is clearly not.
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Hi all, I may as well add my 10 cents worth..I too am building up an early Road Rocket, I also sell some parts now and again on the old "EvilBay", unlike the tool you have just dellt with, I am always courteous to anyone asking about my items no matter what........what an F'N tool...
Anyway I will keep an eye out for him and not buy anything from him...
On the crank issue..I do know for certain that the 54 RR used a SMALL journal crank with a thin flanged barrel...not quite sure when BSA changed to the large there ya go..
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