Author Topic: DVLA Recommend BSA  (Read 873 times)

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DVLA Recommend BSA
« on: 16.02. 2011 13:58 »
Went into DVLA office today to register my bike all the correct documents as you do.
Young chap says,
"ah ha no VAT paid form ere"
He is partially correct.He then proceeds to enlighten me as to how I go about getting this
document.I smell a run around developing by now.
The chap (his senior i assume)standing to his left earwiging interveens.
"er did you say a classic BSA he enquires"
Yes says I the drowning man hoping for a lifejacket.
He then tells the lad theres no problem on a BSA and to just inspect said vehicle and
issue the relevant documents (V5 & Duty disc)

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Re: DVLA Recommend BSA
« Reply #1 on: 16.02. 2011 15:12 »
Maybe a trainee do you think?

We've all had to start somewhere....and the young chap will remember that moment when the next Classic Bike owner comes in to register his bike.

Mount that tax disc on the bike then get on the road and enjoy the experience Taffy.


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Re: DVLA Recommend BSA
« Reply #2 on: 16.02. 2011 15:13 »
You did the right thing in going to your local DVLA office. I have found that it is well worth doing this and speaking to someone face to face seems to sort things out. There have been all sorts of horror stories published in the Old Bike Mart with people trying to deal directly with Swansea either by phone or letter. Well done.
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Re: DVLA Recommend BSA
« Reply #3 on: 16.02. 2011 19:30 »
Hi there
This reminds me of my recent experience with reclaiming the original registration for my BSA A65. I completed all the relevant forms photos pencil rubbings etc. sent them off to the BSA owners club who quickly processed them I recieved the documentation from the club in just over a week, the club also forwarded everthing to Swansea. I waited for about 3 weeks then rang Swansea to find out what the delay was, it seems the person who processed everything had not completed the final process that is putting everything in the post was told not to worry would put in the post that day. Well a week later V5c arrived only to find that I now own  not a BSA A65 but a scooter combination another phone call was told to destroy the faulty V5c and a new one would be posted out, it duly arrived  with a letter of apology and would I send the incorrect V5c back in the prepaid envelope provided there was no prepaid envelope included. Just as well I was not in a hurry to either sell or put the bike on the road.