Author Topic: High price for speedo  (Read 1067 times)

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High price for speedo
« on: 22.03. 2011 08:37 »
A 120mph chronometric speedo, in average condition, just sold for $570 Australian dollars here in AUS on Ebay. I thought that was an excessively high price and was wondering what others thought. Is this reflective of what speedos are now worth?
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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #1 on: 22.03. 2011 08:50 »
Some people have too much money!!!
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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #2 on: 22.03. 2011 09:11 »
Be wary of stuff you see sold on evil bay, there are a lot of crooks about. Dont be surprised to see the same speedo listed with a "buy it now price" of only $450, a bargain !!!!

There are a lot of sellers who bid on their own stuff to push up the prices, e-bay know this goes on but ignores it.

For a good 120mph speedo that comes with a guarantee I would not pay more than $400.

I just had a look at that particular speedo, the buyer had a 31 feedbacks and 80% of his activity was with the seller, almost certainly it was the seller who ran the price up that high, he will relist it in a few months.

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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #3 on: 22.03. 2011 09:17 »
There are a lot of sellers who bid on their own stuff to push up the prices, e-bay know this goes on but ignores it.

Also sellers with a lot of mates that bid

You can look at the seller and see buyers that have bought more than once from them, not conclusive but a nods as good as a wink as they say
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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #4 on: 22.03. 2011 15:07 »
Im agree with muskrat... *smile*
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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #5 on: 22.03. 2011 18:21 »
I have just looked at an exchange rate and that puts the price at £342 which is high. I would have thought about £200/£250 for an original restored item. The thing with E bay prices is that it depends if its an original or a re manufacured item. The new ones made in  India/China go for about £50 but obviously the original ones cost more. You either like or hate Ebay, There are a lot of genuine sellers and there are some bargains to be had, but also there are of course the villians.
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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #6 on: 22.03. 2011 22:01 »
Hi All,
I believe Fleabay has knocked the shi*e out of getting anything at its realistic value  *sad2* *sad2*
Someone paid £445 for this rev counter,  no. 330539872877   *eek* *eek*
buying n 80mph speedo and having it converted would cost half of that??
What about £470 for a Dunlop Drilastic saddle??? , no 190511172362
I wouldnt dare sit on it *smile*

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Re: High price for speedo
« Reply #7 on: 23.03. 2011 15:59 »
Smiths Speedo and Ebay.

There are two ways of looking at Ebay.

One opinion is that they just push prices up and up. Yes they do to a certain extent BUT, look at the availability of old parts on there, if it wasnt for ebay all those unwanted spare parts would just be laying around in peoples workshops and garages without a mechanism of being sold apart from sticking an add in the local paper.

With ebay all those parts are available in circulation for us to buy as and when we need them. I think its great.

Heres an example, a couple of years ago I discovered that my Smiths Speedo on the Flash was the wrong type, actually intended for a Triumph Tiger 90. I looked on ebay and found a newly refurbished one correct for the Flash, I bid and got it for just under £200. It was delivered, it worked very well, I put the wrong one on ebay advertised correctly as for a tiger 90 and sold it for just under £200. I was well chuffed.  *smile*

I wouldn't buy any of that Wassup type of stuff though, I prefer to go to C&D Autos who are just down the road.


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