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recommended list
« on: 22.03. 2011 22:03 »
Hi chaps,
Just a couple of ideas
If these have been covered before then disregard.

1-I know that if were talking about say chroming then someone may say i used J Bloggs platers who were good etc.
What about making a single list of approved or recommended welders ,platers,engineers etc as found by forum members so instead of having to search old posts you could just view a single list?
We could just make it positive only we dont want a slagging off list, and that the only proviso is that you have to have dealt directly with them ie no "my mates mates cousin said they were bril ". Ive used a few people that have been fantastic and feel that they could do good work for other members.Some clever member could make a spreadsheet /table with cols etc

2-Similar to the above, in that again if you trawl through old posts you may find what your looking for but a searchable photo library of whole bike pics but also close up pics of various areas  on the bike. Some of my questions have been answered brilliantly by a member thats gone out to his shed and taken a close up of a particular part/area/assembley. Ive spent ages going through old mags and books trying to see a spot but its just out of shot or not quite close enough. Most of us have got digital cameras so getting material  shouldnt be a problem just need someone to sift through them all.


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Re: recommended list
« Reply #1 on: 22.03. 2011 23:53 »
These are good good ideas.

1st one has been dealt with somewhat here,2494.0.html , but there are lots more recommendations spread all over the forum, which could be gathered in one place.

As for the pictures, there are ca. 3500 of them on the forum, plus lots of external links. Organizing the most useful ones (and adding what may be missing or needed), then make them available trough direct links\tags\groups like 'gearbox' 'magneto' 'brakes' 'A7' etc would be very nice indeed. But quite a job to get it done...! Not something I can start on for the moment, but if anybody takes on the job, I'll help in organizing it, for example setting up a separate board or whatever is needed.

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Re: recommended list
« Reply #2 on: 23.03. 2011 08:22 »
I like the Admin's, page,,2494.0.html
I have just added a contact

1957 Plunger, one of the very rare collector's items ;-)

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Re: recommended list
« Reply #3 on: 23.03. 2011 11:39 »
While a good idea in theory, there is more to it than meets the eyes.
I could list dozens of places that will give me excellent service because I know how to handle them.
The same places have done horrid jobs for others who were being obnixious morons and yet others that will not touch other peoples bikes because they are sick to death of owners penny pinching and perpertually haggleing over the price
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