Author Topic: Front forks/suspension  (Read 659 times)

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Front forks/suspension
« on: 26.05. 2011 11:12 »
I've started sorting out the front forks on my 1956 A10 and discovered that there is a "tapered protrusion" missing from the bottom of one leg inside - it seems to engage into the bottom hole in the retaining nut of the main stem at very low fork travels. I believe that its there to soften full travel down only, but would like to know if anybody is riding a bike with it missing and whether they have found any problems please?
I have refurbished the legs and guts of the suspensions so dont want to start again  *eek*, I've just about convinced myself that its not a problem for general riding, only extreme conditions and would be ok with that, but would appreciate any experiences please, ta......