Author Topic: A7 Battery?  (Read 654 times)

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A7 Battery?
« on: 14.06. 2011 23:34 »
I'm starting to look for a suitable battery for the A7 plunger, previous threads on which battery type suggest the small sealed lead acid type 6v 4.5Ah - firstly I'd appreciate confirmation that this is correct and secondly is it best to use two of these?

Thirdly is it best to trickle charge or completely disconnect when not in use??
Can anyone in the UK recommend a brand and supplier??
Thanks in anticiaption (saves buying more incorrect parts!); *respect*


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Re: A7 Battery?
« Reply #1 on: 15.06. 2011 12:31 »
Paul Groff <>
go for the old case with the 2 Cyclons.
Parallel for 6 V or series for 12 V.
Otherwise you can buy 3 longer individual Cyclon cells and hook them up inside an old battery case if you have one.
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