Author Topic: Coupes Moto Legende: short report  (Read 436 times)

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Coupes Moto Legende: short report
« on: 24.06. 2011 19:58 »
Sorry but I forgot my camera!  It was a big event nr Dijon, France.  Well worth a visit next year for anyone able to get there.

It is a two day event for vintage and classic motorcycles, with track rideouts on anything from racing exotica to everyday bikes.  I only went on the Sunday but wished I'd done the two days because it wasn't possible to see the track action and spend sufficient time in the pits, club stands, and jumble.

Anyone can have a go on the track it seems, provided necessary paperwork is completed a month or two beforehand.  There's an autojumble and traders area and you can just wander around the pit areas where everything from 1920's Indians, 30's Rudges and Velo's, Goldstars, Manxs, Vincents, rockets 3's, as well as road and racing stuff from the 70's and 80's can be seen and heard up close: a young couple weaved their way through the crowds in the pits on an Enfield Interceptor, I'd never seen one in the flesh before.  Obviously there is lots of French stuff we see little of in the UK as well.

I only saw one A10 in the pits, it was a highly polished Road Rocket c. '57, but there were several Goldstars of various vintages.  I particularly liked to see and hear the early single cylinder stuff roar round the track, the Rudges, Velos and Nortons, but it was interesting to see Commando's, Tridents and Rocket 3's hammering round at the same time as 3 cylinder 2 stroke 750 Kawasakis.

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Re: Coupes Moto Legende: short report
« Reply #1 on: 26.06. 2011 06:08 »
Pics from 2006  *smile* - Fantastic!
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