Author Topic: This morning - Lady, Power, Conmputer Down ...but not out  (Read 479 times)

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Just thought Id share with you my morning.

Looking for a way to connect it to A10's, I can say that all of the following happened just after admiring a new Triumph Bonneville at the train  station, thinking, "it looks a lot like my bike" and wondering if I should consider buying one as a day rider.

The following paragraph was written to explain to one of my clients what happened to the documents he was looking for today. He took it well.

I was waiting for my train into Chicago this morning and a big storm starts coming through. I went to duck under the covered walkway and, right next to me, just as a big gust is going through, a woman loses her footing and falls into the post holding up the canopy. A clang like a velvet-covered bowling ball (that I will never forget) came from that post as she caught it on the corner with her forehead. I went to help her up and saw that she had a 3" gash to the bone from her eyebrow to her hairline. I told others near me to call 911 and proceeded to hold pressure on the gash until the paramedics showed up. Torrential rain from the storm made it under the canopy and soaked me through. I then decided to work at home today. When I got home, after being picked up by my wife, the power was out. When the power came back on 1-1/2 hours later, I went to fire-up my computer only to learn that it was damaged in my soft briefcase either by water or by dropping.  


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I wouldn't bother buying a lottery ticket today.   *smile*

That is one strange day......
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Ah Mondays  *eek* *eek*
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