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Re: rephasing
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........ one set back with this design is it really needs twin carbs or one cylinder tends to run lean and the other rich with balance difficult to achieve..............

Ive been pondering this for quite a while as I would much prefer to fit a single carb. The chap at Ofsetcrank reckons single carbs are OK and if you think about it just about every American V-Twin uses a single carb. Perhaps the trick is a plenum chamber...something a (Harley for example) sort of has with the shape and lenght of the inlet manifold?
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Re: rephasing
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It can probabily be made to work out ok with a single carb, but most people building these engines are doing so for cafe racers or scramblers so twin carbs are the business anyway , if you look at the videos on youtube of xs's with offset cranks running , the lack if vibes is amazing, they don't hop about on the centre stand ticking over.