Author Topic: What gives the bike its year  (Read 571 times)

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What gives the bike its year
« on: 20.10. 2011 22:33 »
As quite a few bikes have various parts from different years on them what is it that defines the year?  The frame,or the engine, or an amalgamation.
 I was thinking of getting an age related plate for mine, frame 58   engine 54    bike currently on an A plate as was re registered in 1980.
Logbook says 1955,so a bit of a muddle.

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Re: What gives the bike its year
« Reply #1 on: 21.10. 2011 10:19 »
Others here will give a more detailed answer I'm sure but I don't think engine No is a factor but Frame No is
V5c states date of first registration, not necessarily the date of manufacture.
and just to confuse a little further I believe a 1958 BSA could have been made from August or September 1957 to the same date in 1959
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Re: What gives the bike its year
« Reply #2 on: 21.10. 2011 14:21 »
It must depend on where you are. Bill and all you others in the UK are suited to discuss that. In my case, my bike was an original '55 registered in California by its engine number. I replaced the frame after a wreck, too stupid at the time to realize that the frame straightening cost would have been made up 10 times in ultimate value. Also, at the time, too stupid to know that later frames were different from '55's. Adapted the '61 frame to work like a '55 (larger I.D. swingarm bushes and a boss for the left-side brake pedal spindle). Kept as many '55 parts as I had and as possible. Illinois saw the CA registration and registered by the engine number, so my bike is a '55 as far as I and the state are concerned.

Richard L.
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Re: What gives the bike its year
« Reply #3 on: 21.10. 2011 15:35 »
The V5 is the official document so you have to be governed by that. If you want to amend the year and also change the registration you have got to do both through the DVLA but whatever you do don,t send anything to Swansea but go in person to you local centre it,s much  easier.         All the best
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Re: What gives the bike its year
« Reply #4 on: 22.10. 2011 18:32 »
Hi Tenko
I agree with Goldy, may I also suggest you contact the BSA Owner Club they may be able to give you some advice and conformation of year of the frame.

Please keep us up to date with progress.

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