Author Topic: Pricing for A7 1949 bike  (Read 1600 times)


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Pricing for A7 1949 bike
« on: 11.05. 2008 09:52 »
Hi, I'm going to sell a 1949 A7 (one owner from new) but having read a lot of web pages I cannot find a relevant comparison for the bike which needs to be refurbished. Before I start advertising I'd appreciate advice on a) price to set b) what are the key things you need to know about the bike from the ad c) best places to advertise bike for sale.

Have added photo of bike

Thanks for any help you can give.   Elaine

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Re: Pricing for A7 1949 bike
« Reply #1 on: 11.05. 2008 10:39 »
Hello, just a few toughts c) or must be the place. b) Basic info together with many good photos should do fine. Any potential buyers would email for specifics.

Things that can add some value and interest: Original old registration nr, papers ( see f.ex. ). Matching frame\engine nrs.

Others here will surely have some ideas as well.


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Re: Pricing for A7 1949 bike
« Reply #2 on: 11.05. 2008 13:16 »

Below are links to a couple of items to watch on eBay. One is a complete bike in pleasing condition and the other is much closer to the project status of yours. The apparent good news about your bike is that it seems as if it may be in fairly original condition, though, experts on this model will probably point out ways in which I am wrong. As mentioned by a10gf, knowing the engine and frame numbers would be good place to start in getting a better idea of worth. The engine number will be on the left side of the motorcycle on the aluminum portion just below the rusty finned barrells. The frame number will be on the front of the vertical headstock of the frame where the steering forks attach.

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Re: Pricing for A7 1949 bike
« Reply #3 on: 12.05. 2008 23:18 »
Oh wow, look at that old girl, how I would love to find a bike like that. I wish I was in a position to make you a decent offer on it. Good luck with finding it a new home.


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Re: Pricing for A7 1949 bike
« Reply #4 on: 27.05. 2008 16:31 »
Thanks both of you for your responses & the very useful links.
Can I assume the A10 runs in a similar price bracket to the A7? I have the engine & frame #'s from the registration docs (including DVLC doc dated 1983) they start with ZA7S ~ 2A7 for engine, how do these allow me to establish value so I can set a price reserve on e-bay? 
Richard - I found the headstock but can't find a pic on google of a fin barrel - which bit of rusty aluminium should I be looking at?

Cheers Elaine :)