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Re: telegraph breaking news
« Reply #1 on: 11.03. 2012 13:47 »
Hi there. I have highlighted the negative effects of Ethanol both on this site and others and I am afraid that most people are very complacent about this, the general feeling is that if you do not have a fibreglass tank or a unsuitable tank sealant then you are okay. The effects on fibreglass and tank sealants is almost immediate but the corrosive effects on other materials such as zinc and cork will probably take time don't forget carbs have a high level of zinc in them. Interestingly when I recieved a letter from the minister about my concerns he said that we should not be lining our tanks but shuold be buying new ones he probably thinks that you can just pop down to Halfords and buy one, also I wanted all petrol pumps to be labled as to their Ethanol content if any his answer was that it was not a legal requirement until it reached 10%.

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Re: telegraph breaking news
« Reply #2 on: 11.03. 2012 13:48 »
The addition of ethanol in our UK fuel has spawned a whole new set of must have products which we must buy to keep our vehicles on the road - fuel tank sealer remover, fuel tank cleaner, ethanol resistant tank liners, replacement parts, hoses, substitutes, addititves etc. Not to forget damage that has already happend - leaky glass tanks, gummed up carburettors, stuck bent valves, an earful off the missus for turning the kitchen into a fuel tank sealer laboratory etc etc. I wonder if all this additional expense and the production of all this etanol resistant stuff was factored into the carbon benefit of adding the stuff into petrol (I'm sure that in the long term there will be a benefit). Well, at least we can keep our vehicles on the road knowing that our misery, time and expenditure is keeping someone's business going. Once again it's poor old muggins picking up the bill.

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The fuel tank sealer remover works a treat and, as yet, so does the new ethanol resistant liner.
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Re: telegraph breaking news
« Reply #3 on: 11.03. 2012 19:19 »
 G'day all,
              Just stripped and re-lined two tanks. To strip I put a 250ml can of paint stripper in and replaced the cap. Come back two days latter and wash out with water and a dozen nuts & bolts. Used POR15 to seal the tanks. All good. I even did a test with 100% methanol and the por15 has survived.
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