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Help on model choice
« on: 21.03. 2012 16:38 »
Hi Guys ..... hope you can help.

After a number of years in the wilderness that is modern bikes's time to get back into classics.

I have always (dare I say it) been a Triumph man ...... but I think it is time for a change ..... hence the help.

I am looking at 2 bikes at the moment:

A 1961 A7   &    a 1959 A10 Super Rocket.

The bike will be used for sunny Sundays only and I am ultimately looking for an easy riding bike coupled with reliability.

I don't know enough about either machine to make an informed decision.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Help on model choice
« Reply #1 on: 21.03. 2012 18:06 »
Hi Dave... Good of you to join us! and good of you to take an interest in getting a good old BSA motorcycle, I dont think you'll regret it. Both bikes you mention are good machines, the A7 probably being the smoother of the two and probably the cheaper as well. Super Rockets seem to be fetching high prices now and if speed is your thing then this will be the bike for you although if it is for pleasant Sunday rides then possibly a standard A10 maybe the way to go. Reliability is really down to your level of maintenance which the bike will demand of course. Expect to have to get to know the bike for a while and to ironing out any previous owners fixes and what not.

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Re: Help on model choice
« Reply #2 on: 21.03. 2012 18:25 »
Not having the expertise of LJ or other multi-A owners on this forum, I say, "buy 'em both"  *smile* ;).

Richard L.
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Re: Help on model choice
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hmmmmmm ........ tempting ........ but somehow ..... the wife ?!?!?

Could always flog her I suppose ........ now there's a thought !



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Re: Help on model choice
« Reply #4 on: 21.03. 2012 19:08 »
Here's my two penn'orth! If you're a big bloke you might find the A7 a bit short on power. I'm over 18 stone and my A10 is much more fun to ride than the A7 because it is more willing. The A7 needs buzzing a bit with my weight on it. If performance isn't an issue I'd base my judgement on potential reliability. What you (probably) don't want is lots of maintenance work to start with. Find out as much as you can about both bikes and, provided you're not paying over the odds, go for the one which you expect to be reliable. I think the priority would be the reliability of the engine rather than cycle parts or electrics as these are usually quite simple and easy to fix. A tidy and sweet sounding engine would be my first priority, confirmed by a proper run where the bike should handle reasonably well and not have any problems which need fixing. Hope that helps.