Author Topic: Thorspark electronic igniction Ariel Huntmaster  (Read 935 times)

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Just back from an Ariel rally and before we went on our ride around the Yorkshire dales yesterday I thought to myself what would happen if my dynamo died, so I tried a little experiment.  I cobbled together 8 AA batteries and wired them into the ignition to see how far I would get.
Switching the thing on and off wasn't very elegant, but believe me I was surprised. It managed the whole 112 miles route and was still going when I got back to the hotel and they were only some cheap ones I bought on the way up.  So the setup can't be taking to much out of the system.


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Re: Thorspark electronic igniction Ariel Huntmaster
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i know a chap who had no dynamo on his rigid goldstar, he made up a little holder to take cordless drill batteries to run the lights , it worked well and they are of course rechargable. 

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Re: Thorspark electronic igniction Ariel Huntmaster
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 Yep, ran the racer/cafe for years running boyer on the smallest 12v sealed battery I could buy (3.5amp). I could do a full weekend race meeting, and on the road well over 100 miles with the brake light as well.
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