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Old bike mart
« on: 06.05. 2012 10:41 »
Each month in the old bike mart they reprint an article from the archive. This month talks about roadside repairs and the bike shown happens to be an A10. What is funny is the doom and gloom guy that wrote it. He says "Pinking even when the engine is running fairly light, is an indication that the sparking plug is probably giving trouble, or that the mixture is un commonly weak.If you don't stop immediately pre ignition may burn a hole in the piston crown"  He then goes on " a tweak from the rear end could be caused by a tyre well smothered in oil somebody's lubrication system is giving notice of failure in a big way " he continues " drain your crankcase before you set off. If any metal particles come out you'd be well advised to stay at home".
Talk about being pessermistic, he might as well have said don't go out on your bike in case it breaks down.
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