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Brightspark Condenser
« on: 22.06. 2012 14:24 »
Hi everyone. I fitted the Brightspark to my mag yesterday, what a difference, hot starting before was painfull, sometimes haveing to push start, but now when hot away she goes first kick. I measured the spark before when hot, bareley makeing a spark, but now hot or cold a brilliant spark in excess of a quarter of an inch. Highly recomended if you want to keep your mag standard. Cheers Ian.
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Re: Brightspark Condenser
« Reply #1 on: 25.06. 2012 18:06 »
Very pleased to hear it Ian though I says it as shouldn't.
Warms the cockles of the ticking part of the anatomy.
We reckon they're pretty good at Brightspark blah blah, but we would wouldn't we - we're biased.
Good news on my own mag-bikes with the things on, over a year now on the A, loads of miles all told including on my AMC twins s, excellent starting and no horror stories so far. Waiting for the first customer to say they've had a problem. But we don't say they're 'better' than anything in particular in terms of the spark they deliver - just that they work, they're easy to replace if the need arises, etc. But actually, yes, they ARE better as capacitors go than SOME of the unlikely things that get shoved up the armatures these days. Horses for courses really.