Author Topic: TLS brake plate conversion (8" half sided)  (Read 709 times)

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TLS brake plate conversion (8" half sided)
« on: 25.08. 2012 22:25 »
Was at a mates yesterday who happened to have a brake plate that had been modified to a TLS format.
It was quite simply done but sadly is missing the external levers and an external screw on support for the second cam so incomplete.
I thought it might be of interest.
The cams have been modified so that each only lifts one shoe and the shoes have been modified to suit so that only the leading edge of each cam is working.
The brake has green linings which presumably accounts for the rebating of the pads.
There is also evidence the plate had an air scoop screwed on the outside.
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Re: TLS brake plate conversion (8" half sided)
« Reply #1 on: 26.08. 2012 10:27 »

I thought it might be of interest.

Certainly is, I have a spare rear plate and spare levers, probably going to be next year before I get much spare time
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