Author Topic: Whats everyone workin on?  (Read 4264 times)

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Whats everyone workin on?
« on: 13.08. 2006 12:31 »
Hi Guys
  So... whats everyone workin on?  First off I have some carb tuning to do on the 49 Star Twin before the Rally in Stubenville Oh.  then my long term one will be a rebuild of the engine, transmission, and wheels on my 1959 Super rocket.  I am going to leave the cosmetic basically alone.  I am going to try to get a reliable road bike outof her.  Jeff

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Re: whats everyone workin on?
« Reply #1 on: 14.08. 2006 13:56 »
I have several things going at the moment.  I am mainly working on a '72 Y@m@h@ R5 (350 2 stroke).  I got it for $200 all original, but the engine won't turn over.  Everything thing else has cleaned up pretty well.  I mostly need the room in the garage so this is my main focus.  I am about to yank the engine and see whats up with it.

BSA related, I have a '65 A65 L/R that has been giving me trouble of sorts for a year or more, so once the aforementioned is done and gone, I am going to tear into it big time.  Who ever "rebuilt" the engine did a questionable job, and I need peace of mind before taking it far from home.  Other than that I need to hook up a horn on the A10 and it is getting close to needing some new treads. 

Hard to do much or ride much as it has been REALLY HOT here in TX.  Coolest day predicted this week is 101.  >:(

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Re: whats everyone workin on?
« Reply #2 on: 19.08. 2006 20:50 »
I also have magneto problems. Last year I found the bike would not restart after the magneto was hot and I stopped briefly to refuel or whatever. The sparks would return after the bike was left for half an hour or so. I stripped the magneto and fitted a new condensor but that made no difference. I bought another magneto on Ebay and this season I've been running with that fitted. I've had similar problems but sometimes it restarts fine even with several brief stops over a whole days use. The plan now is to send the original mag to Tony Cooper for test/repair.
I also have a new pattern  6 volt electro-mechanical voltage regulator to fit at some point. The bike had a solid state 12 volt unit fitted when I bought it but that seems to have died. I currently have a 12 volt car type reg. box on the bike, as used in Morris Minors etc.

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Re: whats everyone workin on?
« Reply #3 on: 19.08. 2006 21:13 »
Just as E says... There is always something that wants doing on a classic bike.

I am currantly waiting for a dynamo armature to arrive through the post along with an v-reg electronic regulator. Also a Led pilot/stoplight board and new headlamp. So I'll be busy for a couple of hours.

My fault regarding the dynamo.... burnt it out by messing around with an old mechanical reg. Should have got an electronic one ages ago, when the K-tec had it.
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Re: whats everyone workin on?
« Reply #4 on: 20.08. 2006 02:53 »
howdy from texas! this is barefoot ed. i wish my problem was as "simple" as that. heres what im looking at:
i bought a "barn fresh" 1963 a10r superrocket last year (with an extra motor/tranny) for the princely sum of 400 dollars! it was missing the rear chain, the dynamo and a title, tho he did offer up a legitimate bill of sale. this was the original owner. the bike had been molested a little, wrong front fender, and a really bad, tho period, metal flake blue seat, made of the finest naugahyde. my brother mutt had a raped h-d 45 frame, and it just made sense somehow. he has put an a10 tranny in a 45 frame so i could not help myself. i hope i can see this to its illogical conclusion. i will update the build, if anyone is interested.(heres the 45)
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Re: whats everyone workin on?
« Reply #5 on: 20.08. 2006 12:43 »
Hi all - working on an A10, originaly a Flash in cafe racer style and rough, got it off Ebay thinking most of it would be to replace anyway.
Frame has been welded at the head for some reason , maybe to alter rake anyway it is currently at an engineering shop to have the weld's redone and possible a tube inserted interanlly for strength
Engine ran sweet when I fired it up, fitting spitfire cam, high compression pistons and an alloy head, need a carb though and maggie, dynamo are unkown quantaties at present.
 purchased one of those repop tanks ( goldie type) and have had it and toolbox/oil tank painted a pearlescent ( Citreon colour )
Wheels I have renewed alloy rims and stainless spokes hubs painted silver/grey.

It's progressing at a very very steady pace

Those offended by changing the old gilrs colour should know I have one that is stock already

All the best - Bill
All the best - Bill
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