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what plugs
« on: 11.11. 2012 20:02 »
What are the best and right spark plugs.
I am running a rgs with 10.5 to 1 pistons on bosch wr7 dc + plugs, I know these aren't good as I think they are resistor!!! but it starts well and runs well on these, what I need is a list of the best makes and numbers, the bike starts from cold best on protruding tips as it gets a bit damp in the shed. *sad2*
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Re: what plugs
« Reply #1 on: 11.11. 2012 22:02 »
Denso W20ES-U work for me. No resistor in them. These are the plugs S.R.M. stock, so they must be used in quite a few A10's around the place.
 Always had trouble with Champion plugs and used NGK before they stopped selling petrol in the UK. Since then only Denso's seem to suit the engine. Odd that some people had exactly the oposite problem with NGK's and Champions, as in destroyed in less than fifty miles or so.
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