Author Topic: Super rocket 1961 gearbox  (Read 1022 times)

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Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« on: 13.01. 2013 19:45 »
Hi could anyone tell me if it is normal to have the letters STD stamped on the top of the gearbox on a 1961 super rocket I'm looking at buying one & noticed this when I viewed it,the frame & engine no's are correct for the year I've checked that,just not sure about the gearbox ? Regards rob

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Re: Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« Reply #1 on: 13.01. 2013 20:14 »
Hi Rob,
Welcome to the Forum,
STD is normal on most A7 and A10 bikes
Good luck with the buy *smile*

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Re: Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« Reply #2 on: 14.01. 2013 07:33 »
No they came stabdard with a close ratio box but if you were going to use it for daily transport then a std box makes life a lot easier.
So it is a barganing point if you need one.
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Re: Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« Reply #3 on: 14.01. 2013 21:49 »
I disagree, Trevor.
                             Super Rockets came standard with an STD box but you will find that the American market bikes in the last years of production, at least, were fitted with the STD2 or STB2 box (same box).
This box has the extremely low 1st gear, a hybrid thing with ratios from different boxes.


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Re: Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« Reply #4 on: 15.01. 2013 13:20 »
I agree with John and Trevinoz, I had been told whilst selling BSA/Trumpets that A's came with std boxs unless a special order had been taken at time of purchase ( along with speedo ,tacho ,sidestand ) everything seemed to be an extra!! or could be ordered. This was '66 but all the extras were still on the order sheet that had to be completed always remember my disbelief when I sold my first Bonny that the tacho still was an extra?? Regards BobH.
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Re: Super rocket 1961 gearbox
« Reply #5 on: 15.01. 2013 13:56 »
Yes I initially wondered about Trevor's post as most if not all the Super Rockets that friends have have STD boxes however looking at the chart of various boxes and ratios it's not quite that simple.
The STD2 box came with ratios same as the Goldie Clubman of the day ARTT box, not to be confused with RR.T  RR.T2 which command those big bids on Ebay.

Wonder how open BSA and Dealers were to bespoke ordering as regards to gear ratios and so forth or was it more a case of that's it, buy it or leave it?

All the best - Bill
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