Author Topic: rigid plunger gearbox layshaft  (Read 609 times)

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rigid plunger gearbox layshaft
« on: 27.01. 2013 10:52 »

 still lookin for tech help on my layshaft
 picked up a NOS layshaft and pressed on 4th gear..made it flush with the step on the end..even after 8 or 10 assemble and take aparts... sometimes i d=could get one gear..but mostly just locked rightup.. had a look at a couple of spare layshafts...(right or wrong?? )  4th gear is maybe 25 - 30 thou behind the step...sooooo...did that on my new one..and yeah...the gearbox works...
the there a specific way to set 4th gear?? on the layshaft... it can be set within a 1/4 inch space...???this way or that???
  also...where 4th goes...also sets the endplay on the layshaft...or is that the key??? right now i have about 20-25 thou endplay...
if i moved 4th over 15 thou...i ..tha would put the endlay top 10 thou...???  is that what i should be doing??

nice to get this thing working as well as i can...