Author Topic: what smiths equipment do i need?  (Read 8251 times)

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Re: what smiths equipment do i need?
« Reply #15 on: 17.11. 2008 10:29 »
...if you mean the part in the photo by your finger, then that is the oil breather, and a rubber pipe attaches to that spur and fed down to the lower part of the frame, but from what I can see of your oil tank, it is exactly the same as mine.

Sorry - off topic question.  Is the rubber pipe essential as I do not have one on my A7SS?



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Re: what smiths equipment do i need?
« Reply #16 on: 17.11. 2008 17:10 »
Is the rubber pipe essential

Ermmm, no not 'really' esential. I suppose if you did regular long journeys and your oil gets hot and gives off a fume then you'll likely find in time it'll get a bit oily under the seat. Probably best to have a pipe there as it is no real cost and would be a good drain if your bike should fall over, Oil would then be channeled away without messing the bike.
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Re: what smiths equipment do i need?
« Reply #17 on: 20.11. 2008 01:01 »
hello again people

the bike is a home market model, like you said with the nacelle would confirm that and it has a std gearbox.  the nacelle i just got recently and thought it was the right thing to get as the bike doesnt have the export top yoke.
i know i must have confused people by saying the bike is in uk and im in us, but i was born and bred in uk and only have been in the us for the past 2 years (wife is from here).

the reason why i thought one of the oil tank nipples had been shortened is because as you can see in the pictures ive attached, the chromed original tank has both nipples at the same length and the new one i got has one shorter than the other.

i guess the new tank i have must be ok since you say its normal aswell as LJ.

LJ bl**dydrivers was the only screen name i could think of at the time when coming home from work lol if any of you have been to southern florida you would understand (the drivers here are crap), but the name is Anthony/Tony

thanks for letting me know about the pipe, i didnt have a clue i had to put one there as its not in the manual or anything.

still havent had a reply back from a gagg and sons lol