Author Topic: Motorcycle and car batteries  (Read 789 times)

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Motorcycle and car batteries
« on: 29.11. 2013 22:37 »
To all the guys here on the forum, according to one person here in the U S, we all need to be using a desulfating automatic battery charger, instead of the old type starting at say 10 amps then going down as the battery charges to say 2 amps or less.  according to this guy who took battery training with Budget Batteries, the  EPA POLICE  (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION POLICE)  here in the U S has mandated to all battery companies that the batteries need to start sulfating immediately when sitting idle for a time, so that if they Improperly end up in a land fill, full of electrolyte, they will self destruct more rapidly and not cause as much harm.  Now I do not know if this is also true for you fellas in the UK whomever makes your batteries, may not yet be governed by the people that protect us from ourselves, whatever they call your protection police.  These new type of battery chargers do not go from one extreme of charge amps to another, it is a slow charge system which is better for the battery, except in the desulfate mode then that is a different amount of current. The old style chargers that start out at 8 or 10 amps, (fully discharged battery) are supposed to be really bad for these new type batteries.  "GOOGLE AUTOMATIC DESULFATING BATTERY CHARGERS"  . They also are an automatic maintainer for as long as the bike sits idle, like Deltran's Battery Tender, which I have been told is junk in the 6 volt version, they do not work.  You can Google that also, there is some really bad reviews on the 6 volt version, of Deltran's Battery Tender,and very poor customer service or satisfaction for the bad ones, they don't even want to talk to you according to the reviews.

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Re: Motorcycle and car batteries
« Reply #1 on: 29.11. 2013 23:13 »
If I know I wont be riding my 1450cc 2002 Harley Davidson for more than a week
I put it on a cheap TRICKLE CHARGER...  
The battery is the original 11 going onto 12 years old now & STILL strong...
& thats the reason I converted my BSA to 12 Volt..
I hard wired both bikes to accept the charger...

I recon their worth their weight in gold...

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Re: Motorcycle and car batteries
« Reply #2 on: 30.11. 2013 05:28 »
No word of that sort of thing down here.
I've converted to 12v and use AGM batteries, they hold a charge a lot longer.
Low amp charging is much better for the batteries and should not exceed 10% of the batteries rating. For a 14 amp battery should be charged at 1.4 amp.
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Re: Motorcycle and car batteries
« Reply #3 on: 30.11. 2013 14:36 »
I bought one of those modern chargers at Lidls here in the UK for less than £20

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Re: Motorcycle and car batteries
« Reply #4 on: 01.12. 2013 08:30 »

 Maybe they're the ones called 'Smart Chargers'...?
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