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6 volt to 12
« on: 28.01. 2009 18:26 »
hi all is there anyone that knows.i have a triumph t100A (sorry for swearing on this site)that was ET ignition (before my time)then converted to coil ignition 6 volt, I want to 12 volt it, and the question is can i simply cut out the redundant red ,and the black/white wires then connect the green/black and green/yellow in the normal way or will it not work.... P.S my old dripper dont drip anymore thanks to all that replied to that post........      jiminicricket.

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Re: 6 volt to 12
« Reply #1 on: 28.01. 2009 20:56 »
I don't KNOW, jimini, but . . .
. . . assuming the 6v system follows standard coil/alternator/rectifier practice, and if the T10 0a(th) has a 2 wire alternator, it's dead easy to make the conversion.You get a combined 12v regulator rectifier from Podtronics or whomever and you wire the alternator a/c leads and the rectified dc main feed to the battery (via switch or ammeter) the way it says on the box, and it's done. Need 12v coil(s) though . . . and don't need the rectifier that's on there.  It's a better route than a Zener diode to get rid of the excess charge/heat, and frankly cheaper too, given the price of the heat sink and the zener and maybe a new rectifier. The old ET system was there to save needing a battery etc . . .
If the T100A has an older-style 3 wire alternator which had three wires, with the alternator coils being switched in and out according to load by the light switch, not sure what's the best route to 12v  because I haven't done it - but someone here will know.
No idea about colour-coding of wires, sorry - and wouldn't necessarily believe it was correct after all these years anyway. . .


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Re: 6 volt to 12
« Reply #2 on: 28.01. 2009 21:05 »
I converted a C15 to 12volt and it is probably the same as a triumph set up if it is a three wire alternater then two of the wires are joined up to bring two sets of coils in to play.
Anyway have a look at this site(link below) and click on the convert to 12volt link on the left hand menu.
Hope this helps