Author Topic: speedo cable oil leak from the gear box  (Read 481 times)

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speedo cable oil leak from the gear box
« on: 20.07. 2014 11:51 »
Hi All What a summer great for bike riding here, just the odd thunder storm this week end. I have solved my major gear box leak by renewing the layshaft blind bush (it was spinning in the casing!!). Now I am getting fussy as it is dry apart from what is leaking from the g/box end of the speedo cable.
I have been looking at some of the old posts on this subject and am now a bit confused. I removed my cable for inspection and the square end of the inner at the g/box end has no shoulder and the square end is about 25mm long, the square end at the speedo head has a shoulder and is about 12mm long. There are no nylon bushes on either end, should there be?, is my cable the right way round?, have I got the right cable?.
My bike is a 1957 Gold Flash swinging arm with the speedo sat in the headlamp nacelle. Any help much appreciated as usual.
Regards Huddie
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