Author Topic: Gear change problems  (Read 987 times)

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Gear change problems
« on: 16.09. 2014 11:05 »
I'm a new member to the group, based in Burford, Oxfordshire. I have a 1957 A10 that needed some attention and loving care.
I have replaced the bearings in the gearbox. Originally I could not get it in to neutral while the engine is running.
Now I have problems mainly changing down, seem to get neutral in between gears occasionally but still have problems getting it in to neutral once I stop.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks

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Re: Gear change problems
« Reply #1 on: 16.09. 2014 11:15 »
still have problems getting it in to neutral once I stop.
as do most of us Manfred, trick is to snik it into neural while it is still rolling, before you come to a stop
Others will suggest reason for the false neutrals but if you've had the box apart you may have to look at the selector spring and the indexing (dot to dot) often it needs moved just a tad off the dot one way or the other
All the best - Bill
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Re: Gear change problems
« Reply #2 on: 16.09. 2014 12:38 »
Hi Manfred, could be an adjustment of the clutch to sort the neutral problem , what type have you got fitted ,6 spring or 4 spring . In my limited experience with the 6 springer I think of them as tempermental and beyond my patience but others will be able to set 'em up and they work but I think I'm safe to say they do need more care and attention . The 4 is easier and I certainly can find neutral without any problem . You could also check the activateing arm on top of the box when pulled by the h/lever it should be stright with the edge of the box you can adjust it by means of the adjuster inside the front cover. Re the false neutrals have you topped the oil to the correct level using the level plug on the box ? also the adjuster on the bottom of the box you could try moving it in slightly from memory about 2 to 3 threads showing above the case is about right , screw it in slightly and see what difference that makes if worse back it off and judge which way could be better , please don't take offence at any of the above basically just providing some ideas , best of luck , BobH
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Re: Gear change problems
« Reply #3 on: 16.09. 2014 15:25 »
G'day Manfred  *welcome*. Give us an intro over in Bikes, Pictures & Members.
 As Topdad says mostly trouble finding neutral is in the clutch adjustment and lifting squarely. Sometimes the thickness of the gasket between the case and inner cover can cause problems, try a thinner gasket.
The selector forks can be an issue, did they go back in their original position? Try swapping them over.
In my opinion when set up well our g/box's are one of the best to come out of England.
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Re: Gear change problems
« Reply #4 on: 16.09. 2014 20:07 »
Hi All,
Another consideration is wear in the outer case where the clutch actuating lever pivots leads to loss of clutch lift
More times than not difficult gear/neutral selection is down to issues with the clutch and its actuating mechanism
Along with the cable operated arm operating through 90 degrees with the cable,
the pusher inside the inspection cover needs to work on the pushrod at 90 degrees at mid lift

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Re: Gear change problems
« Reply #5 on: 17.09. 2014 08:36 »
Thank you everyone for the quick reply and all the suggestions.
I have a 6 plate clutch and have replaced the plates with cork inserts. I have now ordered a new plunger spring and selector. Hopefully this and some more clutch adjustment will do it.
I will let you know in a day or two.
Once again, Many thanks