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fitting indicators
« on: 06.05. 2015 16:02 »
Gents (and ladies)

I'm a total newbie to both bikes and british bikes. But I have purchased a beutiful A10 from my step father in law and am going through the process of doing my direct access now.

I've got a huge amount to learn very quickly. But I did a similar thing with classic cars about ten years ago and, with a lot of help from friends and forums, I'm now reasonably competent with basic 1970s car mechanics. I've just got to get used to how they did things in the 1950s, on bikes, now!

So, to get to the point: While I'm well aware that this may offend people I'm going to put indicators on this bike. It's 6v, positive earth.

My question is: is there a kit that's tried and tested or do you have to broadly make something yourself? I have searched the forums and the most recent discussion I found was in 2010, where there was mention that the solution someone had adopted wasn't brilliantly effective in the sun. Not ideal.

I live in the UK so 'lots of sun' is hardly a problem, but I want the most effective indicators money can buy. Are there any recommendations / tips people can give me?

(I suppsoe a secondary question is: would it make life easier to convert to 12v and how tricky / expensive is that to do? My preference will be to leave everything as standard as possible, and only make easily reversable modifications where there are clear safety reasons to do so).



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Re: fitting indicators
« Reply #1 on: 06.05. 2015 16:52 » going through the process of doing my direct access now.

I had to Google direct access; found this:

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Re: fitting indicators
« Reply #2 on: 06.05. 2015 20:57 »
Here's how I did it on mine, I bought the Lucas type replicas (short version, both front and rear).

To fasten the front ones I drilled holes since I have an original spare front light assembly.
At the rear I made a bracket (a welding machine is always handy :-).
Since I have the open type rear light, it was easy to use the number plate screws to fasten the bracket.
I use 12V for all my lighting (still 6V battery and charging), and I use LEDs in the indicators, headlight and brake/rear lights.
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Re: fitting indicators
« Reply #3 on: 06.05. 2015 21:33 »
Johny J

I really appreciate that. Thank you!

I was just about to put up a post asking for any images that people have showing how people chose to fit after market indicators, and was actually toying with the idea of those specific ones.... and you beat me to it! I think you've made up my mind.

I have more questions now about the 12v arrangement, of course .... but I think I'll leave those to another time. I've got so many cogs turning just at the moment, and so much to learn... still, one step at a time.

Got good feelings about this forum. I feel in safe hands! Thanks to all those that have helped so far  *smile*

Cheers all


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