Author Topic: Electronic Reg problem  (Read 664 times)

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Electronic Reg problem
« on: 30.10. 2015 12:24 »
kevin here

I have a wassel ign on my 50 A10..and it really works long as petrol is near kick..thats after 5 days or 5 minutes....easy to set within less than one degree.....dynamic light and wheel on crankshaft
revs clean and idles down to slooooow motion..

the hard part...I am on my second dvr2 regulator..i have a 6 volt dyno that I am trying to regulate  to 12v

on most of these old bikes .its a fair old job to get any electricity

my dyno is on fire  ..  ...16 -18 volts at hyway speeds  100-110 kph
my resistance checks out fine with the info obn the matchless clueless site..
  my wiring checks out fine  all new..
what would be causing this???

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Re: Electronic Reg problem
« Reply #1 on: 30.10. 2015 18:40 »
G'day Kev.
Where have you got it mounted? Mine is in the old reg box in the normal place. Does the dynamo have good earthing to the motor (not painted)?
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Re: Electronic Reg problem
« Reply #2 on: 30.10. 2015 19:10 »
Not sure about the DVR2 but many vr's need a good earth. Running it even for a brief moment without earth could send them to vr heaven
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Re: Electronic Reg problem
« Reply #3 on: 24.12. 2015 07:26 »

  didn't notice the replys...thanks heaps..

  the  dynamo has a good original zinc finish was nicely aged ...and left  like vr is in a metal toolbox, battery  box...and the earth wire goes to a main earth connection wire..from there to the battery

  the charging has been a bit hit and miss...cant really seem to solve the have parted together a K2F...installed a brightspark condenser..  and so far ...seems to work pretty good..    just after years of electronic ignitions...had to dig around for a plug gage to set the sparkers to .018...  wow is that ever skinny...
my ford 300 six uses .040...

the only issue now is setting the magneto timing...  a lot of work compared to the wassel...  next time the maggy is out...will be slotting out the mount holes...

another thing...feeler gauges...  I have found near every set I own has an error in the marking...  I have a mituyuto...set...  I had to stack a bunch of blades for another job...and the numbers just didn't add up to the thickness...  went back thru the stack and sure blade was marked wrong...  then..ok...went thru the 4 or 5 other good and not so good feelers I have ...and sure enough...every set had on blade with wrong number etched into...  not the same every set...  and I used a good dial gauge vernier to find the problem and then a micrometre to double check...??? 

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Re: Electronic Reg problem
« Reply #4 on: 24.12. 2015 11:52 »
What does the seller of the DVR2 say?

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Re: Electronic Reg problem
« Reply #5 on: 24.12. 2015 17:37 »
From logic the voltage to the field is too high  What can cause this? well if the D tag in the dynamo touches the field F tag then the dynamo output goes to the field and the voltage will increase as the revs do, Are you sure they are not touching in the dynamo? or being shorted by the cap?  To prove this just remove the wire to the f tag at the regulator, the output voltage should drop to near zero when you rev up.

This assumes that the earth to the regulator has a good resistance free connection.