Author Topic: rear-sets on a rigid/plunger  (Read 177 times)

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rear-sets on a rigid/plunger
« on: 17.08. 2017 21:43 »
Evening All. I need to tap into the huge resource of knowledge that's on this forum.  Have any members experience of putting rear-set footrests on a rigid or plunger?  The footrests can be turned through 180 degrees and I can sort the gear lever but what about the brake pedal?  Can this be achieved using the standard mounting lug on the frame tube?  Is it possible to use another type of pedal? C15 perhaps? or reshape a standard brake pedal.  I've offered up a short pedal from a swinging arm frame and it fouls both ends of the pedal.  On the plunger Gold Star and A10 Super flash they list a brake pedal for use with the 'footrests in the rear position' but only seem to have the standard lug for the pedal pivot. Any assistance or views would be much appreciated.    Thanks. Peter
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