Author Topic: Toasted regulator/dynamo query  (Read 82 times)

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Toasted regulator/dynamo query
« on: 01.08. 2020 20:52 »
Ok chaps, resist the temptation to abuse poor practice please.
When out and about tomorrow and if by chance my regulator fails and overcharging is indicated on the ammeter what is best practice?
May i simply disconnect the two feeds from the dynamo and make sure they cannot make a circuit?
Should i disconnect the dynamo drive?
In essence does the dynamo create a current at all times and if so is this a problem if there is no discharge somewhere?
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Re: Toasted regulator/dynamo query
« Reply #1 on: 01.08. 2020 21:02 »
Provided you are running a magneto, yes, pull the wires out of the dynamo and disconnect the battery. This won't do the dynamo any harm.
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Re: Toasted regulator/dynamo query
« Reply #2 on: 01.08. 2020 21:35 »
  Jim. Disconnecting just the battery will still give you headlight and rear light directly fed. Normal wiring means with no battery you lose horn and rear brake light. The voltage will be unregulated, so no heroics otherwise possible blown bulbs. Depends on your ride, daylight use simply disconnect dynamo connections, as suggested by BM. Battery will feed lights, brake light and horn as normal and all will work until battery exhausted.