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Clean your switch contacts
« on: 15.07. 2021 23:16 »
I've noticed that the headlamp on my bike has been rather dim lately, even after charging the battery. I haven't ridden at night for a long time, but I do like to have the headlight on when I'm on fast roads. I bought a can of electrical contact cleaner and gave the light switch contacts a good going over. The headlamp is now back to it's old brightness. The horn was also rather weak so I cleaned the horn connections and used the spray on the handlebar button. Much better now. 👍
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Re: Clean your switch contacts
« Reply #1 on: 17.07. 2021 14:30 »
A few times when riding the M20 at night people would come up and ask what globes I was running because the were so bright.
The next time ( usually the following morning ) I would remove the headlight and show them the voltage at the globes terminals, a full glorious 6 Volts & some times even 6.3
Then we would go back to their bikes and do the same, seldom over 4 V
It does make a big difference.
The other thing I have found is replacing the ball in the switch and even adding a bigger spring to make harder contact can make a big difference but don't over do that as you can bend the contacts outwards.
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Re: Clean your switch contacts
« Reply #2 on: 19.07. 2021 16:31 »
When I wired mine I did buy some 6V relays in anticipation or needing them, but so far haven't found the need. Not that I do much night riding.
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