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My late buddy Chuck.
« on: 27.11. 2010 12:08 »
My buddy , Chuck , was a former Brit detective & was working out here as an investigator for an insurance company.
His travels & detecting ability enabled him to find many old brit bikes and on one occasion he came across a couple of Matchless singles.
He wanted the totally original 1935 Clubmans 500 for himself but had to buy a 40's Bitzer as well .....
In due course he advertised the 40's bike & an interested party pitched up to view it.
This buyer then spent the next hour examining the bike & denigrating it endlessly ...

" Heap of rusty garbage "
" About 10 different models & years cobbled into 1 bike "
" Pile of junk that should have been left where you found it "
" Dented , shabby , shagged out piece of scrap "
" Worthless , cracked , twisted ,mixture of xxxx "
etc. etc.

But he finally bought it because it was cheap.
Next weekend the buyer was at the Veteran Car Club shooting off his mouth about how Chuck had robbed him & caught him for a sucker & lied to him etc.etc.

Luckily Chuck was there & confronted the buyer in the pub.
" Have you got the receipt I gave you for the bike ?"
" Yes , it is here in my pocket "
" Rip open the envelope & read it out in front of us "

Well , every derogatory word that the buyer had used was included on the receipt !!!

Ha Ha , that slammed the buyers trap shut right there & then !!

Cheers , Flatboy.