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Electrical problem
« on: 17.04. 2011 15:03 »
Sorry - its not A7 related but its tearing my hair out and I need advise!

My other bike - a 1980 Ducati MHR has been wheeled out for the summer. The battery is fully charged (12.72v) but the following happens:

- With the ignition on and a multimeter across the terminal of the battery the volt reading drops by around 0.1v per second
- When I start the engine and press the horn or put the indicators on the engine dies
- If I leave the ignition on for 5/10 seconds none of the electrics work - no horn/flashers etc. Take a reading across the battery and its 6.54v ish
- leave the bikre alone with the ignition off for a few minutes and the electrics work and the bike starts until I use any other electrics then the engine dies.

Its got me the battery knackered?


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Re: Electrical problem
« Reply #1 on: 17.04. 2011 18:14 »
Does sound like the battery. Have you got a car battery you could connect with jump leads? If your charger has a reading of the current taken it will give an indication of battery condition. A flat duff battery will take a lot less current then a flat healthy battery.

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Re: Electrical problem
« Reply #2 on: 18.04. 2011 10:07 »
Either that or there's an earth fault somewhere that's draining it. Usually if the battery's had it then there's not enough to start the engine.
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