Author Topic: Trispark Magneto replacer  (Read 1183 times)

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Trispark Magneto replacer
« on: 05.03. 2014 00:09 »
Has anyone run one of these on here. I have heard nothing but good things about there unit twin ignition and its the same plate inside, Just wondering about the body itself. I was just about to make the same thing from a norton atlas timer and a pair of Dyna S pickups and found this
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Re: Trispark Magneto replacer
« Reply #1 on: 05.03. 2014 04:06 »
Hi I have fitted a Trispark ign. kit to my 49 A7 long stroke it was easy to fit and setting up the timing is lot easer than the magneto, although I haven't don a lot of Ks yet I am very happy with it. the only thing I didn't like was where they put the earth wire from the stator it was fixed to one of the screws holding the stator in place, I ended up running a wire from the main earth on the frame to the stator, in the proses of trying to fit the earth wire where they said I managed to strip one of the screws holding the stator, that caused me a bit of grief. apart from that I would be happy to recommend it. one other thing to keep in mind is that you have to replace the auto advance gear with a fixed gear.

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Re: Trispark Magneto replacer
« Reply #2 on: 05.03. 2014 08:50 »
The housing is similar  to one used by the Lucas Rita ignition.  I have had the RITA one on my Velocette for around 30 years no problems.  Good thing about the RITA, if you reverse the trigger wires to the black box, it does not auto advance electronically so you can use your original advance/retard unit until you get round to using a solid one. A friend has modified his by fitting a manual advance retard and sprung plate inside.

The one you listed is in Australia, The price is a bit steep around 569 Aus dollars and dont forget you could be caught for vat and import duty. Would be around £300 +

A similar housing is listed here
They are selling the housing and electronic ignition for around £170.  It does have a remote black box unlike the Australian one.
Not sure what electronics they use or you could just buy the body.

PAZON list similar but again being New zealand the price totts up.

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Re: Trispark Magneto replacer
« Reply #3 on: 05.03. 2014 11:58 »
G'day Dan. I haven't got a trispark but have the same housing with Boyer on both mine. 22 years on one and 15 on the other.
For your beast I'd be looking at a Dyna 2000 IP to fit in the housing. I put one in a mates HD and now I use my laptop to tune it. It has 4 advance curves and rev limiters standard then plug in the laptop and create your own (steeper, flater, faster, slower).
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Re: Trispark Magneto replacer
« Reply #4 on: 05.03. 2014 20:02 »
Sounds nice but at about £230 for just the electronics it is a bit expensive, I'm sure it would be good but add the coil and the housing we are talking serious money, bit too rich for me

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Re: Trispark Magneto replacer
« Reply #5 on: 05.03. 2014 21:57 »
Maybe worthwhile to check Paul Goff's website?
I have ordered a complete kit with him.
It consists of a pazon ignition + twin coil @ £132,76 and a magneto replacement housing @ £99.
Including a complete 12v conversion kit with battery, bulbs, ignition switch, voltage regulator +P&P (Europe) made a total of £359,25
The only thing I had to buy separately was the fixed pinion and nut to replace the automatic advance unit.
Will start the conversion somewhere next week I hope. Keep you informed
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