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mag bolt
« on: 26.03. 2014 14:43 »
Hi,Having my Mag rebuilt the only prob is fitting the long bolt, are there any easy way???of doin this all will be appreciated

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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #1 on: 26.03. 2014 17:30 »
I think that's pretty straightforward, but if it's a matter of getting the lockwasher in place, holding it to the end of the bolt with a dab of grease should do it.

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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #2 on: 26.03. 2014 20:33 »
Ok Michael,

It's a bit fiddly until you develop the knack but I fit it like this:-

With the bike on the centre stand and a few cloths or an old carpet on the ground (my garage floor is filthy) it's a case of lying on the ground from the gearbox side. 

The magneto is in position with the other two nuts holding it in place.

I have the spring washer and a dab of grease on the finger end of one hand and the long bolt in the other hand.

Ease the spring washer over the protruding thread using two fingers and hold it there with the greased finger.

Then use the greased finger to guide the long bolt into position with the other hand, gently picking up the first thread at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, it's a bit tricky but there is no real secret to it.

Good luck,


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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #3 on: 07.04. 2014 08:11 »
Hi Michael, I gave up on the long bottom bolt as the electronic ignition housing I made was too big in diameter so got on my hands and knees and did the grease bit with the spring (shakeproof) washer and fitted an ordinary nut. Then cut a ring spanner and rewelded it at right angles to tighten the nut. Not easy but a bloody sight easier than the long bolt. If I ever sell the A10 who ever buys it will have a hell of a job removing it without my special spanner lol. Gerry

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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #4 on: 07.04. 2014 09:01 »

  I can get my fingers down behind the corner of the barrels just enough to hold washer and long nut if need be, but depends on your fingers...?
 On mines' last incarnation, due to unavailability of the long bolt and the internet, I used a Socket cap bolt long enough (~6"+), and with one or two locknuts on it. Was easy enough to get in, but with the internet I rapidly found a stainless Long nut from Lightning Spares- seems easy enough...?
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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #5 on: 07.04. 2014 22:10 »
Was easy enough to get in, but with the internet I rapidly found a stainless Long nut from Lightning Spares- seems easy enough...?

Had the same problem as Gerry when installing the electronic ignition on the SA.
The ignition housing was a tad to big in diameter for the long nut to pass. Tried turning the long nut down a bit but it still touched the housing, so in the end I used a regular nut and a cut and ground down ring spanner to tighten it from underneath. Bit fiddly but worked well.
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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #6 on: 07.04. 2014 22:46 »
There are smaller than standard  cross section nuts used for carby fitment available.

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Re: mag bolt
« Reply #7 on: 08.04. 2014 20:18 »
A friend had a solution to this problem. He removed the lower stud and loctited it into the long nut, so it was now a bolt. Much easier to find a blind hole than it is to get a nut on a blind stud.
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