Author Topic: Bike out of storage after 9 years  (Read 2232 times)

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Re: Bike out of storage after 9 years
« Reply #15 on: 21.08. 2010 12:21 »
Hi Mike,
Pics as requested - which Triple do you own??
Am not sure where the photos will appear in this post (I really must read the "help" screens again!)

Apologies in advance for this not being an A10.... It does wear the AM26's being discussed though...
Have just finished another swearing session trying to get the A10 gearbox back together - hopefully I'll get all 4 gears this time ( having problems despite everything seemingly correctly fitted, selector plate in neutral, dots lined up etc...)



Beautiful Adrian! damn i love those 750's - i like the blue mucho
 i have a 78 1200 -  a lovely bike but doesn't get ridden enough, its like's open roads and around here there are little
apologies for non-A10 related, that being said today is the start of replacing the steering bearings and forkseals + progressive spring upgrade w/ the fancy dow dampers - hopefully not to much of a cluster"f to do..

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Re: Bike out of storage after 9 years
« Reply #16 on: 21.08. 2010 17:17 »
Hi Mike,
That looks lovely, in great condition too...  Mine's a US bike, reimported by a guy who imported brit bikes from the states & did them up for a living (stored in a huge vac bag that held a dozen bikes , within a warehouse!). He bought the Lav for himself, then bought a Harley Night somethingorother & then got a new girlfriend.. He claimed he needed the cash for the Harley...  *smile* . The bike has just turned 5500 miles from new & apart from the clutch cable, carb needles (corroded when the bike had stood for so long), tyres & 2 chain adjuster bolts is totally original..

Bill - thanks for the thought, yes I do understand what you mean but have finally (after a HUGE amount of bad language!) managed to get all 4 gears with the dots kind of lined up. The difference between neutral & first (or second) is smaller than I imagined...
Just waiting now to see what the next problem will be as this A10 has been a real pain to sort.. It'll have to watch it as the B33 is waiting in the wings and so far has been a whole lot less trouble... It needs tyres too so if the A10 pushes it's luck too far the AM26's will go on the B33!!
I've got 90/90 x 19 front & 100/90 x 19 for the rear .. Is 110/90 not a bit large for a standard A10 rim? If they'll fit I could always buy one for the A10 & fit the 100/90 to the B33...

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Re: Bike out of storage after 9 years
« Reply #17 on: 21.08. 2010 21:55 »
G'day Adrian,
                      Luv the Lav, never seen a blue one.
I have wider rims than std, WM3 = 2.15" so I could use 110 on front and 130 on rear when racing. But in saying that I have just ordered a 110 for the '51 rear with a WM2 rim.
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Re: Bike out of storage after 9 years
« Reply #18 on: 22.08. 2010 06:07 »
Hi Duncan,

Bit of a late post on this one, but I recently dragged my A10 out after 10 years. The mag. was completely rebuilt just before I put the machine up (new armature, bearings etc). I fetched it off and had it tested and although it gave a spark at the plug, when the armature was removed and tested you could see sparks flying all over the windings i.e. the insulation had broken down whilst the machine had been stood. Not saying that this ould be the case for your mag., but it's worth bearing in mind if you have ignition problems.

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Re: Bike out of storage after 9 years
« Reply #19 on: 22.08. 2010 13:55 »
Hi Brian,

Thanks for your post. I will just have to give it go and see what happens. Got a load of stuff to do on the bike then I will take it for a lot of local runs an get it nice and hot.


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