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Sump Plate
« on: 29.09. 2008 05:45 »
There have been a few mentions of the after market sump plates available so I thought I would put a post on about what I have done.

Buying the alloy ones is the easiest way to go plus you get a magnetic plug but if you dont want to spend the money or, like me, you like to do things yourself then you can.

First thing to do is clean up the sump plate and unsolder the gauze. Drill a hole, I use 3/8", then weld a nut on the inside. Cut a bolt to length and put a fibre washer on it and its done. You can resolder the gauze back in (which is what I do) or use one of the aftermarket types that sandwich between the plate and crankcase.

Put it back together and you have a sump plug so are able to drain the sump if necessary.

Like I said, its easier to buy one, but if you have some basic tools you can do this for no cost. I use a cycle thread nut and bolt but you could use any thread.

It is a nuisance not being able to drain the sump on the A models, I dont know why they didnt have a drain plug, all other models do.

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Re: Sump Plate
« Reply #1 on: 29.09. 2008 09:00 »
This is a good idea Brian but someone had beaten you to it, my blue A10 has the same thing done by some previous owner.

I wonder though If it would be a good idea to place a couple of magnets in the sump area beneath the gauze? Would there be any risk of attracting the ball in the return suction pipe, blocking off oil flow or any risk the magnet could stick to the crankshaft fly wheel?
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Re: Sump Plate
« Reply #2 on: 29.09. 2008 10:28 »

Nice job Brian.

The SRM type has a drain bolt with a magnet attached on the end. It isn't a problem.

The thread on my old type SRM (nice finned alloy rather than the new billet with CAD cut SRM logo) was a bit tired. My friend mentioned that Harleys have magnetic drain bolts, so they're readily available. and that I could retap the hole to fit one of them.

Its worth drilling the bolt so you can lockwire it too.

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Re: Sump Plate
« Reply #3 on: 29.09. 2008 21:39 »
My sump plate has also been modified in this way, though I don't know why as the oil stays in the oil tank even when the bike is not used for several months.

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Re: Sump Plate
« Reply #4 on: 10.10. 2008 12:48 »
I just cut threads in the cover and put in drain bolt/fiber washer.